The Mystery Being「存在」の問い

 The Mystery Being

The mystery of Being arises out of the exact perspective itself which makes mysteries of being. Questions never dissolve as long as one stands on that foothold. Within a realm that which is based on “questioning” called intellect / logic, one is going to gain numberless, subdivided “answers / realities” and shall not realize. Rising above the limitation of the “questioning,” which is merely a bodily function, transcending the narrowed viewpoint, finally the blessing, not a mystery, of Being is known, granted, appreciated and is truly Comprehended. The Aye devoid of duality. All-Inclusiveness. What is called Non-duality / Unity, that are inquired. These are not able to be illustrated nor be conveyed in a way which involves rationality or reason. Therefore what is suggested here should not be to continue dealing with matters at hand for the purpose of intellectual interpretation. Rather, it encourages one to realize that it is to give up the identification with “one’s intellect” by projecting meaning or value onto that which is merely an expression of a functional adroitness, in order that one may discover the greater Self on outside of the limited identified self.

Eloquence is helpless outside the oratorical realm. One will have to endow oneself with the belief in a statement e.g. a Flower and Leaves are One and the Same. In other words, one is going to need to awaken oneself to the delusion of the intellect that “a flower and leaves are different from each other.” Also shall one do to the conviction that “one oneself has the ability to generate one’s own thought or any ideas.” In actuality no “free will” is involved in experiencing the experience of “thinking,” as everything one perceives is merely the pattern received and collected from the external situation automatically due to one’s point of view without any thinkingness. This point of view becomes an imaginary “self” in a story, cherished and then set up as the “subject” for various profit and loss. For a person of high intelligence, this will be a major obstacle. ( Not more than 4% of all mankind in modern world transcend this limitation. *[David R. Hawkins] )

Could one convey the Sensation of Melting a piece of Chocolate in one’s Mouth by any type of “explanation” or “ingredients label”? Likewise, the Actual Experience of Being is being appreciated in a different realm from “descriptions” or “interpretations.” Thus the paradox of “writing,” “reading” and “thinking” arises; but for this paradox, the perspective of writing would not be of Unity but be in a labyrinth of “duality.” The significance of Writing lies in the State of No Need for Writing any longer. The mystery of Being shall be integrated, harmonized and dissolved into the Resolution which in itself is the State of No Need for Questioning any longer.

With love and blessing

to those who are on the pilgrimage

to the State,

to many < Me > Who is rare in earthliness.

Glory to Thee, O Lord




「チョコレートを口に溶かす経験」を”説明”や”成分表”によって伝達できるでしょうか。同様に、「存在することの経験」は”描写”や”解釈”とは別の領域で味われているものです。このために”綴ること” ”読むこと” ”理解すること”の矛盾が生じます。そしてまた矛盾を含まなくては、綴ることの観点は「一元性」ではなく知性のかかずらう”二元性”の迷妄のうちをさまよい続けることになるでしょう。「綴ること」の意味とは、「もう綴ることなくいられること」と表裏に一体です。「存在」の問いは、「もう問わずにいられること」という答えによって統合され、調和し、溶け去ります。