Thirst 渇望に身を焦がす


Know that it never brings one happiness even if one gets the things one desired.

The illusion which is believed that “material comforts” or “physical experiences” would be the source of joy shall keep one’s body burning as an Existential Distress until one surrender them. Since One is not a “physical body,” it is felt  as though one’s body were blazing. The momentum of mind that project an imaginal value or specialness onto the “object” perceived externally is merely a bodily function, which is just a mechanism to urge acts for gain by generating expectations and feelings of impatience, longings and frustrations, insufficiency and adherence, thirst and hunger, i.e. Distress of unpleasantness.

To want is “*to bang one’s head against a wall.”[David R. Hawkins] Once one gains the desired thing, one may temporarily feel released from the frustration. However, as long as one holds the same delusion, one’s body shall run oneself to attain one’s materialistic objective by kindling expectations and specialness. It is not the same thing as Happiness at all. Feeding one with nothing but temporal pleasures, it keeps burning one’s body with never-ending thirst and feelings of insufficiency.

In actuality, it does not even give the short-lived pleasures to one. Joyfulness is the brilliance of the natural state of one’s Consciousness, that is recognized when and because those desires subside; if one bases one’s own identification upon the “body,” one cannot escape from the entrapment.

< I > are a Consciousness, observing < Myself > inwardly projecting images, which are interpreted by perception as separated “spaces,” “physical bodies” or “thoughts” etc. Watching the surface of the water. Trying to make the “reflection” smile at oneself by ruffling the water, one’s mind and perception shall never calm down but cause ripples of vicissitude.

To notice the brilliance of the natural state of one’s Consciousness, one has to give up desires, stop disturbing the serenity of the water, commands a view of the stillness which the surface recurs to. Would one’s experience become fruitless if one surrender one’s identification to the “fish” of images, “objects of desire,” or the contents such as thirst and attachments?

Rather, one will recollect being the Ocean which is the context, all-encompassing Awareness which does neither come nor leave. Then, like a traveler returning home, one finally find out the genuine inner peace. 

As the sun is recognized as clouds disappear, when one gave up chasing fish, the Ocean which can reflect all fish, waves, clouds, winds, sounds, flowers… the Ocean will be awakened as all-encompassing < Presence >.

Not to the “illusory you” which is 

now reading out this passage, 

But to < Me > Who is Eternally Aware 

of the experiences prior to the narrative 

of the perception or mind, 

May there be the Revelation

of the embrace of the Ocean, 

as well as the ceaseless mercy.










 今 この一文を 読み上げている ”架空のあなた” ではなく、 知覚や心理が 読み上げる よりも 早く その経験に   永遠に  気づいている  〈わたし〉へ、「海」の抱擁と 絶えることのない 慈愛が 注がれて いることを。