Though there is no knowing どうしてなのかは分からないのに

 Though There is No Knowing 

Not knowing why, one can realize the fact that the intuition —the genuine Self that which ones should discover Is awaiting ones— is granted to ones all. What is equipped the facility, human-bodies, with is the program which runs them into self-preservation or survival; it is still a function which contributes to the inquiry and, the less one focus on those physiological needs, the more advanced object one can engage in.

Quitting worrying over physicality, adhering to accumulation of wealth or suffering for one’s desire, trusting the intuition completely, no physical condition matters. When the agony ends, there shall be no need for any questions about carnal matters. With conviction of being granted the love and joy needed in realizing what one intuits from Heaven, there shall be no matters of concern over materialistic difficulties. If one still carries adherence to the sense of guilt or fear, there may appear some troubles or sufferings in order that one would notice and dissolve them.

One shall know that one need not expend one’s life for its own physicality, any desire or intellect if one knows what one really Is. Though there is no knowing why, the intuition that the conflict of the existence of “one”-“self” shall never ever come to the end until one return to OneSelf, is endowed to everyone. The ego is always being watchful incessantly neither to notice nor to confront it, struggling to shut out the unfavorable fact that its own fallacious belief

shall not prosper, out of consciousness. Dumping true Joy, 

replacing it with temporal satisfaction, the ego is absorbed in forcing one into sacrificing one’s life for endless accumulation of wealth and gratifying endless desires, being captured in a prison of body to death. Pity is it. Rather, it is even more easy if the ego were able to reach an end with its death. In actuality, the pitiable soul would torment itself literally eternally until it realizes the fact, with the empty pleasure dwelling on eons of sufferings.

The embodiment of unconditional kindness and love awaits as a prior object to leave the “self” in returning to the Self, needing to surrender the state of bliss which comes next  to that lovingness, as this leads one into absolute Silence. Personal joys and intents shall be left altogether in front of the gate. Clever cajolery must be denied. Abandon sumptuous feasts, proceed straight no matter what, to reach the Utopia within which the inexplicable Intuition is revealed to be the Truth. 

For the sake of the ego as well.

Leave the sufferings.

All the reward the ego produces is distorted as though one were merely banging one’s head against a wall to feel temporarily satisfied when one stops that. Beyond the gold chain, There Is, the Eternal Silence as well as the Infinite Space.