Round JPN [ Day 28 ]

Naruto, Tokushima

After going over the Naruto Strait which always has huge eddying currents, the cityscape would change to quiet natural beauty with calm waves and rich greens. However, there would be a long line of cars that are looking for parking spaces.

That would be the line of people who are visiting the Otsuka International Museum, one of the largest museums in this country. This museum exhibits over 10,000 life-size replicas of masterpieces from ancient times up to the present ages. All of those has each reproduction of the original picture frames as well.

This overwhelming scale’s exhibition and the highly developed technology of facsimiles of pictures on ceramic ware were realized by a sublime purpose of cultivation of aesthetic sentiments. The fact that the exact life-size replicas are right in front of us is fascinating, makes the people who would be deeply impressed pay a visit to the original pictures all over the world.