Round JPN [ Day 36 ]

Ise, Mie

The Ise Shrine — the greatest, and the newest sacred place all the time in this country. Even though we can not look at the main shrine directly because of the curtains in front of it, all the worshippers would be deeply impressed with its presence.

Shikinen-Sengu — every 20 years installation of the sacred symbol of a deity in a new shrine — has been done 62 times in 1300 years so far. 65 main buildings of shrine have been reconstructed as same in every detail taking 8 years each time.

Imposing challenges on themselves, they have been overcoming the  “degeneration” that nominally is “completion” for centuries. Significance would not be found neither in tradition nor in novelty. It must be always formed in our spirit by devoting our heart and soul.